Sunday, March 27, 2005

So I arrived at my parents house last night around 11pm.... I havent been to bed yet.... why? well.... let me show you:

So I started doing my typical tank maintence on the african cichlind tank. My parents do the feeding and stuff but wait for me to come home to do the hard stuff (not that I mind... I love all aspects of fish keeping). So I start off by giving the cichlids a treat. I chopped up some brocolli and tossed it in the tank. Then I sat next to the tank to watch them eat it.... all of a sudden this little itty bitty tiny thing runs out from under a rock, grabs a piece of brocolli, and pulls it back under the rock. I'm like what the heck was that..... it really took me by surprise.... so I started trying to figure out what it was... eventually he peeked out again and I saw that it was a baby lobster.

Both of our lobsters in that tank have been extremely shy for the last month. They never came out in the open. Apparently we now know why. As a result of all this I knew I had to get those babies out of that tank. The cichlids would have them for a midnight snack once they decided to start coming out of the rocks more (which apparently they were starting to do). At this point it is after midnight and of course easter. No fish store is going to be open for at least 24 hours.... thankfully Wal Mart was open.... so I went and bought a tank and all the needed equipment for another tank. I started taking all of the rocks out of the cichlid tank while my mom stood by with a net to chase any fish away that might have caught eye of a baby. After taking all of the rocks and decorations out I found that we had two babies. Unfortunately, mommy didnt make it. Dad is still hanging out with the cichlids and the babies are now in their new home.

Anyway, I have a mess here... fish stuff laying all over the living room and dinning room.... Im gonna get that cleaned up and get my butt to bed....

Happy Easter everyone! HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!

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