Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hey I have internet again..... isnt that nice? I only pay $90 a month for TV and internet... why would I want to use it?

Adelphia SUCKS.... and when I say sucks, I mean SUCKS.... It is crazy that I pay $90 a month for this crap and when I want to use it, it's not working.... This is the second time this week that I came home from work and had no internet or TV.

Tomorrow's agenda: Call Verizon to order DSL and call a dish network retailer to get a site survey done to see if I can get a dish.


DoOfUs125 said...

Adelphia must have been having some major problems because the internet and tv was out wednesday morning for me too and I'm 6 hours away....seems like everytime I turn around they are having "major problems" according to their recording.

alex756 said...

Dude~ Adelphia Blows~!

2 hours just now without cable, 30 minutes on the phone due to 'unusual call volumn' and know what? They want to send some guy to check my box. My box is FINE! the old one was fine and the one before that was fine. This one is all of 2 months old and the rep had the nerve to say 'it can't be that bad' becasue I hadn't called isnce July to complain.

Evidently, making it through August without calling means good service *ahhh!* I'm with you! I have Verizon DSL and haven't lost it for more than 5 minutes since Isabelle came through. Direct TV save me!