Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Well my cell phone got shut off.... thanks to... well... ARGH... this isnt fair... you try to be nice ... someone takes advantage of it and then your the one that loses your phone..... my mom is seeing if I can get an advance on some of my Christmas money from someone and then she's gonna try to get ti to the verizon store.... argh this is annoying..... I hate my life.

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Tanya said...

bobby i told you i was sorry for what happend and that i really didn't mean too and i don't appreciate being told that i took advantage of someone when i wouldn't do that. i thought that sorry was good enough but if it isn't then i can't say anything else. i said i would try to help pay it when i could but so far i really don't have it. if you that angry with me then why don't you just call me and talk about it that way instead of writing it on here and letting me see it that way