Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just got off the phone with tiff..... didnt really talk much at all.... in some ways I feel like maybe I'm drifting away from her. Maybe its just because we dont get to talk much... I dont know. Im still kinda down. I wouldnt say im depressed... just down. I guess more than anything im just bored. I dont really have anyone to spend time with.... I'd love to have that special girl in my life.... maybe its not time. I really dont know. My relationship with God has grown.... and I'm really doing ok.... I just really would like to have that special girl. Im so darn shy tho.... in the past week I have carried on conversations with two different girls that I met and I wanted to see if either one of them wanted to get together and see what happened... but I didnt... I'm too shy for that. The thing is, if I dont start getting over this shyness, I'll probably never find that girl. I dunno..... Billy Ray Cyrus sang a song... one line in it was "Sometimes dreams move on if you wait too long" .... thats just really been on my mind recently... dont fully know why.... but dreams will move on.... if you dont act on them, they move. Maybe one of those girls could have been a really good friend... maybe more.... but I waited... and it'll move on now.... I just pray that God would find it possible to send me that special someone. I'll just have to keep praying.

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