Sunday, December 05, 2004

Overall Im having a good time up here at lock haven..... last night I had another panic attack.... I'm really getting tired of those. It seems as though anxiety is my biggest problem anymore.... depression is big but the anxiety is worse.

I watched the parade yesterday... Tiff looked so cute marching down with her trumpet.... the rest of the parade was good too :) ... it really made me miss 9th grade when I was in drumline. Then I walking back to campus from downtown made me remember when I wasi n school here and would walk to church.... same street and everything... made me miss that... and of course the days that Tiff and I were close.... miss those too.

Alot of my life is missing the past right now.... maybe its because im in so much pain right now... I really dont know. I really still wish I could go back to May and change what I did then.... it was stupid of me.... and my life and tiff's life is affected horribly because of it. If I had one wish... that would be it... going back to May and changing my actions then. I could be happy now.... and so could Tiff..

Things are still ok between Tiff and I... dont get me wrong. There is sitll just alot to be resolved.... and it will be... in God's time....

Please continue to pray not only for me but for her too. Im gonna finish getting ready for church now.

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