Thursday, December 30, 2004

Im actually feeling pretty good again..... pretty good turn around considering how badly I felt the last few days..... Keith and I went out to dinner after work and that helped a ton.... it felt good to actually hang out with someone..... I pray that God would start filling my life with some good strong friendships.

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Soulfyre said...

Sometimes, my friend, human companionship is what we need. God called us into community, not a solitary existence. And believe me, one of the hardest things to do the way our culture is structured is meet godly women. This is not because there are none out there, but because you can't exactly cruise the local bars looking for "hook-ups". About the only thing I have found is being active in my local church, and meeting people "through" people. One word of advice (although you probably hear far to many!): young ladies can read a person that is seems too "anxious", and will often avoid getting to know him. That makes it very difficult for us who truly wish for God's companion in our life! But it is generally when I have resigned myself not to try to hard to meet women that I meet the most! It is not easy, of course. But if you are young, nice looking, kind hearted, considerate, and a Christian (and I believe you probably fit those criteria pretty well)...and you make yourself reasonably available by going to Christian singles groups at church are by involving yourself in various co-ed activities...the women will find you! And even if we must wait patiently upon the Lord, we can trust that as a Father who desires to give every good gift to benefit His children, if you have truly desire God's will, God will give you the desires of your heart.

God bless you, brother!