Saturday, December 25, 2004

And as we close the day, I hope that everyone had a very merry CHRISTmas!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

So first the bad stuff.... my aunt acted like an ass tonight. Dont yell... Im done candy coating stuff. She called an ambulance to come get her... I had to sit and watch as she destroyed my grandparent's Christmas. I dont doubt she was in pain... but its the same thing over and over again. Im not going into detail.. it'll just get me worked up... but I have alot less sympathy for my aunt now. It's one thing if she wants to destory her life.... but when she starts affecting everyone else who is close to me... especially my grandparents.... thats where the line has to be drawn.

Good stuff now... lots of good this year! Last night (Christmas eve) was a blast. We had a bunch of people over and things were really great. After everyone left we exchanged our gifts to each other. We all got my dad a car starter and me and my sisters got my mom a digital camera. I got a ski jacket from Lori and a new battery for my phone from Kari.

This morning we opened gifts from santa... I got a bunch of CDs, a data kit for my cell phone, the matrix boxed set, a 1GB JumpDrive, some clothes and so on. My big present I already got a couple months ago which was my season ski pass to hidden valley.

Then we went to my grandmothers. The first part of the day my aunt was fine.... actually things were great. We had a really good time there.... after most of my family left was when things got bad.... yada yada yada.... after that I went down to my other aunt kathy's.... I helped hook up lydia's karaoke machine and we all had a blast singing along to the songs.... then we came down to my house along with my uncle tim and had a blast playing "shout about movies" which is a really neat DVD game. good stuff.... so the day is coming to an end...

On a side misc note, I talked to Tanya today for a little bit. I wanted to wish her a merry Christmas. It was nice to talk to her and it looks like I may take Eli up to the slopes some time to teach him to ski.... that should be interesting. I also got a text message back from Tiff.... I hope that she had a good Christmas. It was a little rough today at some points because I really would have liked to have been with her today... but that wasnt God's will for the day. I accept that and I made the best of my day. Sure things could have got me very down today.... but I didnt let them.... it really was a good Christmas.

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