Thursday, December 16, 2004

So far things are going extremely well with my ADHD treatment. I am functioning in life so much better than I used to. The drive down to VA yesterday was incredibly better... I noticed things more... I was more alert... I just noticed a huge difference. I can notice difference in functioning in my job as well. Things are just going incredibly well.

Things are going very well with Tiff too. We have an incredible relationship. I am able to be more of the person I need to be for her... and that makes me feel good. I want nothing more than for her to be happy... I will do anything needed for that. I made so many mistakes in our relationship before and it turns out everyone is a very common side effect of ADHD. I have been sitting back and wondering what if I was treated for ADHD earlier... where would I be in life? Doesnt matter... whats done is done and I am right where God wants me.

Life is good :)

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Soulfyre said...

Congratulations, brother. It's like day and night, isn't it? I know it certainly was for me, when they started treating me for ADD. My thinking became less distracted, I no longer felt like there was a cacophany in my mind which made it an intense struggle just to stay on point. And the frustration did nothing to alleve my depression, which sank llike a bottomless pit before me. How different my life is now. I still have struggles, but I even feel that I can more coherently pray to God and study his word.

I am so happy for you, and for Tiff. God give you and yours a blessed Christmas season.

Your brother in Christ,

MAtthew (soulfyre)