Saturday, November 06, 2004

Yesterday was horrible.... things went wrong in VA, like they do every friday... I got out of there at 5 so I hit all kinds of traffic and then to top that off they closed 70 for a good 20-30 mins so they could land a medivac.... I had so much trouble getting home... what I didnt know is that Tiff was having trouble getting to my house.... didnt know she was coming.... she called me because she was on her way to my house and her brakes werent working because she almost hit a deer. She did make it here.... her car is in the garage right now being worked on. She broke a break line apparently.

So how are things going? Me and Tiff are getting along pretty well... I'm really glad of that. Its really nice to see her again and everything. I'm hoping that she stays until church but she may be going back tonight.... It just makes me very happy... I can tell that she is still hurting... truth it I'm still hurting.... but at least we're friends again... that is important to both of us... its tought... but its worth it. The nice thing is I had a talk with Beth (my mom's friend) on my way home last night and I found out that they are actually supporting everything with Tiff... I know my friends are going to be against it for a while but I'll learn to live with those differences that we have... at least my mom is behind me.

Well We're about to go get some more fish and filters and such.... I'm sure there will be more later.

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Soulfyre said...

I'm so glad things appear to be going well with you and Tiff. I don't know all the history, but I do know how much you have desired that your relationship with Tiff stabilize, and your friendship be re-established. Praise the Lord for his grace. God bless, brother.