Friday, November 19, 2004

Starting today my VA hours a 12-6.... and I feel better already..... and I'm gettin ready to put my 2 weeks in at Computer Connections as well.

A little while ago I was offered full time with Elite Internet.... and as of today, I think I am going to take the job. Nothing is official yet but the scenario is definately better. I will probably be making my final decission tomorrow... so if anyone has any thoughts, let me know now :) .... The big thing is it will be nice to work for once company... not 3.... most of what I am doing is lateral.... as in I will be in PA 3 days and VA 2 with eicomm now as opposed to 3 days with cci and 2 days with eicomm.....

Nothing is set in stone yet.... but will be soon. Please keep me in your prayers tonight that I make the right decission tomorrow. Thanks!

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