Saturday, November 13, 2004

It would figure that everyone is away while im stuck at home.... I can drive out to Lancaster to see the show my mom and dad are seeing but that would mean driving.... Even though staying in bed all day yesterday helped alot, I dont think its a good idea to drive that far by myself yet. Maybe I'll just stay in bed all day again today? Not much else to do. It probably wouldnt hurt my chest either.

I did get to talk to Tiff for a little last night. That was really nice.... she's gone home for the weekend so I probably wont hear from her again until at least tomorrow... thats the part that sucks... maybe she'll hook her laptop up and get online... I guess we'll see.

Well, I'm gonna go upstairs and see if I could make something to eat and then I guess maybe go back to bed. If anyone wants to call me, they can.... but if I take pain meds I might not hear the phone.... hopefully I would tho.

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