Monday, August 15, 2005

Wow.... I just cried watching Full House.

Does anyone realize how much I want to have a family? How much I want to have that one special girl that means the world to me... that one special girl that I mean the world to.... A couple that just adores each other and would do anything for the other person.... Does anyone realize how much I want to raise little ones together with that girl and just watch my dream come true.... The only dream I really have: To be the best husband and the best father that I can be. Does anyone realize?

Why then, am I constantly plagued with heartbreak and pain? With unfaithfulness... with lies.... Why do I always lose the things that mean the most to me? Why does that special girl come into my life and when I'm convinced that that girl will never leave me and will really always be there.... Why does she leave?

I want to hold that girl.... I want to be there for her.... I want her to be there for me.... I need to be loved. I need the tears that I am shedding right now to fall on someone who cares.

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