Monday, August 29, 2005

Im so tired of excuses..... well we can do this because..... or that wont work because.... we cant hang out because....... A youth leader of mine once said "if you use the word 'because' you can pretty much forget everything you said before that" ... maybe thats a bit extreme but it really is something to consider. In almost all cases, when you use the word "because" its only a cop out to what you said before it.... an excuse.

My life has been full of words.... lots of words have been spoken to me.... lots of really positive stuff.... but when you say something without backing it up, it really is worthless. You can tell someone you love them time and time again but its not the words that mean anything.... you can tell someone you care all you want but it doesnt mean that you do..... you can tell someone you want to spend time with them but if your not doing anything to spend time with them, then its pointless to even say it.

Maybe its one of my old-fashioned values but I heard the saying time and time again "if there is a will, there is a way" ..... but today its too easy to make it look like a will but really its not. Its a matter of avoiding the issue that its not something you want. If you want to spend time with someone, then make that time.... if you really want it, thats what your going to do, right?

Maybe someday I will find someone that will really tell me what she means.... but then again, how am I going to trust it even then? :(

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