Sunday, August 14, 2005

I dont understand it!

So tonight I finally got my MythTV system working. For those of you who dont know, MythTV is an open source application that runs on Linux and is basically a TiVo on crack :)

Anyway, Independence Day was on Bravo so I figured I'd watch it. Its a movie I havent seen in a long while nor do I really remember plus it has some action scenes that will really test the processing of my MythTV system. So the ships start blowing up the world... obviously when there is alot of movement on the screen.... and my video starts skipping really bad. Of course, I'm not happy.... but I figure it will catch up.... the video starts getting worse.... all of a sudden, the video locks up. I start doing some things with the system.... still cant video back.... argh! I run back to my room to at least catch the ending since I have a little 13" TV there..... I turn it on.... AND ADELPHIA IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

I dont understand how a cable company can screw so much up. These are the people that argue that you lose sattelite when it storms but yet if I sneeze the wrong way I lose my cable. Oh... btw, there is no storm outside.... I wish to God I could get Dish Network here..... Adelphia has to be the worst!

I guess now I should go change settings back to the way they were in case Adelphia ever starts working again. Argh!

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