Sunday, August 21, 2005

That's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it..... :)

This was just an awesome weekend! Matt came down to visit me from PA so we got to hang out for a while.... It was great just being able to talk to someone.... and it was just as great that it was him.... Still my best friend since 3rd grade... hard to beat that :)

We went to church today and it was a really good service.... After the service, a group of us went to Ruby Tuesdays. There always are at least a few of us that go get something to eat.... we had a really great time there too. Lots of great people that go to New Life! After we hung out there for a while we came back to my apartment and Matt got ready and left. I got some things together and then headed out to meet a few people from church. We met up and went to the KC and the Sunshine Band concert. AOL and Telos have this string of concerts and this was one of them. Man, did I have a blast. I got my picture taken with the AOL guy.... I'll hopefully have that pic soon... lol.... but the concert was great.... and it was just so great that I got to be around people this weekend. I really got to know some people from my church alot better and met some new faces from church too. I absolutely can not tell you how great it feels for me to be included in something and just being able to be around other people.... its great.... and it works wonders for my mood and such.

There was one funny thing that I think I actually was shocked on myself. I think all of you already know of my complaint about this area in that there is nothing open 24 hours. I've always said that this area shuts down around 9pm.... that is an estimate because there are a few places that are open till 10pm.... but really, after 9pm, most of everything just shuts down and almost everyone is not out at all. So Nathan is one of the people I hang out with after church and I went to the concert with tonight. While we were waiting we were talking about the 24 hour thing. He is from Missouri. Later he had mentioned about him not understanding why they would start an outdoor concert at 6:30 when it doesnt even start to get dark until at least 8. I saw his point.... I remember going to concerts at PPG Pavillion up in Pittsburgh and the darkness was a big thing.... but I told him that it probably had to do with the fact that the whole area shuts down at 9pm and if they started it any later, people just wouldnt go to it..... I couldnt have prepared myself to witness what I did tho. This is absolutely no joke.... the concert went until about 9:45 or so.... at 9pm... almost on the dot, people started leaving the concert. I was completely shocked. All around us people were folding up their blankets and moving on out.... Honestly, this area is bad for the shutting down after 9 thing.... but I had NO idea it was to the point that people would leave in the middle of something especially when they PAID to go to it. And believe me, when I say people were leaving, I'm not talking one or two families.... I'm talking a big chunk of the people there actually left.... it just really shocked me. Nathan and I were both kind of shocked.... tho im sure the natives weren't :)

So tomorrow is another day off... I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do. I'm considering putting the stereo in my Samurai that way I will have it for next weekend... Otherwise I'll need to pick up a boom box or something.... no way I'm driving to PA without music :) I'm looking forward to this coming weekend. I'm leaving Saturday after work and heading up to PA. I'm also taking vacation days for the 30th and 31st because I could definately use it :) ... I'm probably going to spend most of that time fixing my Sammy up and getting it ready for inspection. So On Saturday I'll be driving up to PA in my Sammy and then I wont be coming back until the following Thursday..... so if anyone up there wants to hang out, let me know :)

Well, I have a few things to get done here.... I'm beat.... but I am considering popping a movie in.... I dunno tho.... I am really tired... we'll see which desire wins :)

Have a great week, everyone!

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