Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Slowly becomming one of my biggest gripes is the circulation of false information via email. I'm really starting to believe that this is becomming a bigger problem than the unwanted spam we all get giving us a great chance to enlarge our penis. In those cases, we see the word penis, and delete it. Other than the time it takes to delete all of these messages, there is no harm done to us. But how many of us get emails from people we know that got an email from people they know that says something that is completely plausable.... but yet, it is not true in the lest bit. The latest one that I got.... well, that I got AGAIN is the email circulating about Target. This of course hit home because of how much I prefer Target over Wal-Mart any day.... but all feelings aside, why dont people look at the facts before sending on an email and just assuming its true since the friend of a friend of a friend had sent it? The email stated various things such as Target does not support our troops. I did some research on this and found that it is not only false, it is completely the opposite. The more I researched this, the more I began to like Target more and more. And Target is French, right? Not at all.... they started in 1902 in the US and they have always been a US-held company. The truth is that Target is rated as one of the top companies for giving to the community. Donations literally FLOW out of Target and it's actually a company that more companies should look toward. For all of you that get these emails whether they be about Target or whatever company or whatever rumor, or how the next gang is killing people..... before you send that email on, very simply do a search at www.snopes.com and see if its true or not. If it's true, send it on (and maybe include the snopes link).... if its not true, click your reply to all button and send the link on snopes that deems it not to be true.

As for target, please see this link:


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