Sunday, July 03, 2005

This just cracks me up!

Yes, I have cable.... and if I had a clear shot of the sky from my balcony I would be all over a sattelite dish. I think the funniest thing about this site (and the cable industry as a whole) is that the only way they feel they can survive is to bash teh sattelite companies -- and even go to the extent of bending truth or reporting outright lies. Anytime you see an industry or company start bashing another industry or company, its very obvious that they are struggling and they feel their only way of survival is to put them out of business.

Don't believe me? Come live at my apartment for a week.. I'll show you how bad cable is!

Yes, it is true that sattelite can not offer quality high speed internet... No, high speed internet is not an option over sattelite.... but can someone explain to me why my Verizon DSL with rated speeds lower than what I had with Adelphia actually performs better and faster? Very simple... Cable technology is not as advanced as they are making it out to be... add to this fact that all 50-90 channels that are in your "basic cable" package are delivered to you in analog... there is no digital on these channels. Sure, they hide them in your on-line guide on your digital cable box... but the signal is still delivered as analog.... So I guess the question is... when I can't get sattelite internet, but I can get sattelite TV and then get DSL from my phone company for a CHEAPER price than cable bundled with cable internet.... yea....

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