Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lots of feelings of loneliness today it seems. I don't need to cuddle to survive but with all that is going on right now, it would help so much. I have been accused of "needing" a girl to survive.... That's not really true anymore.... But I would really like to have that special someone.

Tiff is leaving for Indiana in a few days I think... I'm not really sure since I haven't heard from her in forever.... She popped on AIM last night but just as I went to IM here, she logged off. She said to make sure I update her with contact information and such.... But does she really care? I don't know what's going on with her. There may be some stuff she doesn't want me to know so she just avoids me. Truth is I'm doing fine without her but I still care about her a lot. I tried sending her some letters and stuff.... Either way... I hope IN goes well for her. As for me, I will just focus on what God has for me... And who He has for me.

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