Sunday, July 31, 2005

I was sitting in church at Christian Fellowship (for those of you not playing along at home, this is the church I went to in PA). CFC is still the same... And depending on how you look at it, its either good or bad. I've always believed something since I left Florida -- that is that God can not move in Greensburg because no one will accept everyone and work together. This is a direct contradiction of the book of Acts. When Pastor Roy came to CFC, it was the beginning of something new..... But where is it now? Still holding on to some legalism... A need for tradition -- something that needs broken. Is there anything wrong with CFC? Absolutely not! But are they (as a congregation) ready to grow? They want to.... But they won't do what is needed. There is a need to accept things.... God said in Isaiah that He is doing a new thing. God doesn't change but what He *does* sometimes changes. Sure there are different styles.... But its not what style you are but yet an acceptance of other styles. I can see so well that God is ready to pour out revival... But Western Pa, including CFC is not ready to let go of what is needed. As a Christian we need to accept Christians. Even if you don't agree, you must accept it. Is that person a Christian because he does this and that.... Well... Maybe but maybe not. But remember that Christian is a term that means relationship. We are all sinners. Its not our actions that get us in to heaven but our love and our compassion. Why then is what someone does going to make or break them as a Christian? Sure, what you do can affect your relationship and how strong it is but I'm talking more of style than actions. For instance, I sit here in jeans and a t shirt and I know someone is judging me for it. That is not right. It is a style. And there are sins as well. We have all lied... But ask someone if that makes you a non-Christian and they say no.... Why then do other sins not apply to that rule? Sin is sin. Isn't that what God said? We can't except sin but we must accept the person as a Christian if they say they are. It is not our place to judge them.

When I went to CFC I felt more free than ever... But now I see what God is doing in areas that people have attitudes that mock that of the book of Acts. Now I see that CFC is not free because as a congregation they won't allow themselves to be free.

What do I believe? I believe that God is not ready to give up on CFC. I believe a miracle is right around the corner... But I believe that as a congregation, things must change. Acceptance is important. Not acceptance of sin but acceptance of people and different styles. Discrimination is something of the world -- not of the Church!

But today wasnt all observation for me... I was certainly challenged.... I really seriously need to start taking up my sword.... I need to start reading the Bible more and more.... its needed... I cant be without it.

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