Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well the server update is finally done..... golly that took a while.

I got to talk to Tiff tonight.... she seemed pretty out of it... *shrug* I hate seeing her down but I guess I just have to realize there is nothing I can really do.

It was really nice to meet Lyndsay tonight.... Alot of times when I get bored I go on and just click through people.... I saw her and she really stood out.... what she put in her profile was amazing... about how she made mistakes and she really wants to get back to God and build her relationship with Him. To find a Christian is rare but to find someone who's heart is REALLY in the right place.... its just amazing.... anyway, we double matched and I ended up talking to her for a very long time tonight. It was really nice to talk to someone about God and about relationships with Him.... truly amazing. Hard to say if we'll ever meet but I think we're both thinking we will eventually.... we even talked about her coming to church with me. That would be really cool. We'll have to see what happens.... either way tho, I think we both know that God can really use each one of us to help the other with their relationship.... thats a cool feeling :)

It's amazing the special people that God has brought into my life.... it's amazing how He is working on me finding the right job.... I know that I'm in His hands.... God truly is wonderful!

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