Saturday, January 15, 2005

So far other than the steelers winning this has been a night from hell. I have had the worst crew I ever had.... More than half of the orders that came out of the oven were wrong, late or missing. No one listened. The place looks like crap.... I gave so many orders away.... People walked away from this place pissed off at least ever 15 mins..... There was no way to arrange the crew to get any work done. Everything was screwed up.

I'm praying to God something happy happens tonight.... But I'm not banking on it. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do..... So far all I've done is lose my heart and soul.

Well its back to work for me... I just needed to vent before I broke into tears here at work.


Unknown said...

Aww dude, CHEER UP!

DoOfUs125 said...

Bro, just an observation....pour yourself into the lord instead of trying to please everyone by pouring yourself into them or your job(s). You can't please everyone.