Monday, January 31, 2005

Right now I have to say that this is the best I have ever felt about my life....

I am now moved into my own apartment. I still have alot of unpacking today but its now my apartment.... I got to share that whole experience with Tiff... that was just amazing.

The weekend was amazing... I didnt think it could get better... but it did.... I am actually still at Lock Haven visiting with Tiff. We have been having the best time together....

I have dated many girls..... I have had the oppritunity to call many girls my girlfriend.... but right now, Tiff is more to me than any of them. Tiff is not my girlfriend as of yet but she means so much more to me than anyone I ever did call that.... She treats me better than anyone else... God really moved in this situation and He is continuing to do so.

Well, its time to go visit Bentley hall.... unfortunately that is UPSTAIRS Bentley... oh well.. at least it's food.... and I'll be with the best girl on the face of the earth!

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