Monday, January 10, 2005

Ive really been thinking alot.... sometimes I think that God opens up wonderful oppritunities.... sometimes we pray so hard for something to happen.... the problem is, we expect it to just happen... magically. Though in many cases, it will, I think in most cases it doesnt. God almost always requires a step of faith. So many times in my history I have been faced with something.... I had to take a step of faith before whatever it was I was fighting for materialized. It's crucial to meet God half way. There is a joke about someone praying to God asking him to help her win the lottery.... God responds and say "How about you meet me half way and buy a ticket" .... Ok, I know gambling is not a Christian attitude so I dont want to hear that comment made.... but think about that. We expect God to just put a winning ticket in our hands? We really have to take that step of faith and say "God is going to help me win... I need to take this step" ... (If I hear of anyone going out and buying a lottery ticket after this, I'm gonna slap you.. hehe). The point is that sometimes we really have to take a step of faith. Ive been doing that with my future job. God is going to provide... but if I dont go out and put out my resume, nothing is going to happen. The worst part is.... eventually, alot of those doors that were open will close. There may be a perfect job out there for me but if I wait and wait and wait, they are going to hire someone else. God may have opened the perfect oppritunity for me.... one that I may have been praying for.... but if I wait too long, that door will close.

Ive learned that living a Christian life is not easy. I've learned that living a Christian life means that I have to take alot of risks and steps of faith.... but when I have done that, God has never let me down. There are also many times where I waited for it to magically happen... and it didnt. God didnt let me down... I let myself down.

This week is going to proove to be a very life changing week for me. Not only associated with careers but also with many things in my own personal life. I pray that every decission made is one led of God... and that I, and others, dont sit and wait for God to do it for us.... I pray steps of faith are taken and that God materializes dreams that have been in hearts for so long.

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