Friday, June 01, 2007

So much has been going on. My life has so drastically changed and it all really was totally unexpected. Let's recap:

* new house *
I am now a homeowner! I bought a house in Linden, VA way up on a mountain and in the woods. Its the closest I've felt to home since I moved to Virginia. I've got a ton of stuff to do tho. Everything is stacked everywhere and needs to find its place in the house or at least the crawlspace. Lots of work to do in the yard as well. I own 1.8 acres but most of that is woods. Who knows what God has planned for me to do with all that land!

* new jobs *
Things at Fox Mill Pets got really rough in the last month. I desperetly needed relief and God provided that. Saturday was my last day there. I am still technically an employee but its only when I feel like going in. I am now contracting for MFC / Readnews again and I am also contracting for Pull the Plug Technologies. The scenario plays out very well. The majority of my work is from home or anywhere I have access to a computer. The awesome thing about this is I can work from the New Life office which allows me to do a lot more volunteering for them. Ill only be doing 3 days at MFC so ill drive into NoVA in the morning to New Life on those days and head to the data center after that. Things fit really well.

* new friends *
I have met quite a few people while working at Fox Mill. Many of those were nothing more than talking while there. A few of those have developed into really awesome friendships. One of those in paticular is an amazing connection with someone who feels the same way as me on a lot of different things. I have to say this is the first time that I have focused on building friendships than being concerned about finding "the one". I have always focused on the friendship side of things but this is the first time that I am culturing friendships with more than one girl and any of them could progress if God sees fit. No pressure - just awesome people that I can call and talk for hours or go hang out with. I still have some great friends from New Life Dulles Campus. A lot of people there have made a huge impact on my life. The toughest debate for me right now is if I should go to the Haymarket campus which is closer or if I should keep going to Dulles. Either way, there are more friends to make!

* new area *
I now live in shenandoah which is an amazing area that I haven't even begun to explore. Mountains, caverns, rivers and falls... Its just incredible!

* new experiences *
Lots of new things. I feel different. I feel more in control but I feel God involved in that. I am yielding my control to God more than I had been and that is a phenominal feeling. He is doing amazing things in my life and those around me. He is getting ready to do something really big. Its an exciting time.

* new pets *
I now own 3 birds. Lisa is a cockatiel, Cracker is a quaker parakeet, and Bacardi is a sun conure. Ill have 3 tanks in my home. My semi-aggresive community is set up. Its a 55 gallon with a fluval 305. I have 2 tanks under consteuction. One of those is a 37H with a fluval 205 which will be a discus tank and the other is another 55 which will have a fluval 405 as well as a full lighting system with actinic and will be an african cichlid comminiy tank.


So many things to come. Its amazing how much has changed as well as how much God has been in control of it all and what He has done. I am a different (better) person and a lot of that has a lot to do with some really amazing friends.

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