Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cingular is now the new AT&T.....
and all the junk that is AT&T comes with it

So a little over a month ago I left Cingular and moved to T-Mobile. A week after I ported my number, I logged on to the cingular website and payed the balance due. Last week I finally got my final bill.... and in the same mail pickup was another letter from Cingular indicating that I needed to make payment immediately or my account would be handed over to collections. I called them yesterday and made a payment over the phone with my credit card. They said there were no issues and that my account was satisfied and was closed with a $0 balance. Today I get a phone call from Cingular's collection agency telling me that they have an account that was transfered to them on Monday. End result, in order to keep them from reporting to my credit report, I had to make ANOTHER payment to them today..... Now I'll have to wait until Cingular refunds my money.

I had figured that with things switching back over to AT&T that crap like this would start happening.... I didnt realize how bad the reality was. For all of you that want the iPhone, you might really want to think twice because it's simply not worth it if you have to deal with AT&T ethics.

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