Monday, June 11, 2007

I can't understand why I have to have these days where its just constant reminders of how much of a screw up I am from the beginning of the day until the end. Yes, I do make mistakes but why must I have these entire days of being made to feel like I have screwed so much up. There were 3 main conversations I had today.... not one of them made me feel in the slightest bit like a good person.... quite the opposite actually. My drive home was horrible.... I shed quite a few tears along 66 and, in great tradition of who I am, I just continue to beat myself up.... once someone gets the ball rolling I'll pretty much take it from there..... and we you have 2 people adding momentum to that ball and not one single person to give me something positive to slow that ball down.

Actually, whatever.... I hate the world right now and there isn't going to be anything else I can or will say here that is going to make anything better.... I might as well go to bed now -- its not like there is anyone that I'm going to affect anyway.

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