Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have been watching a lot of episodes of Judge Judy tonight and just laughing at the stupidity of people until this last one I just watched. The case was of a mom who was evicting her son from an apartment that she owned. Judge Judy found no reason for the eviction but it appeared that it was simply because she just didn't like the fact that her son was living with a woman that had a child.

I simply can not fathom this. My best friend is a single mother and she is one of the greatest people I know. Sure, she has shortcomings but don't we all? And maybe being in a relationship with a single mother would have additional responsibilities but these are expected and there are additional rewards to actually caring about a child - have you ever had one smile at you? I just can not fathom how someone could write off their own son because he cares about not only someone who has a child but a child as well.

What really gets me about this is something that always has bugged me. Sex before marriage is a "tolerable sin" but having a child is just a plain unacceptable sin? People place degrees on things instead of just seeing right or wrong. Gray areas exist inside peoples beliefs by what they hold true as right or wrong should be just that. Its like someone saying that breaking in to someone else's house is wrong as long as you don't take or harm anything. If you are someone that believes breaking in to someone's house is ok, well, I'm sure your not going to argue that stealing is wrong. You just can't skew consequences because of the result of something you believe wrong occurred. Furthermore, how dare you attack someone who actually has forgiven someone of their past. From experience I can say that its not always easy to recognize someone for who they are now rather than what they've done but I can also tell you that in doing that I have found treasures inside of someone's heart and mind that no one would have been able to find without actually caring about someone and her little girl.

I guess the bottom line is I care about my friend very much and if anyone accuses me for being wrong for that then it really is their problem and not mine.... While I know my mom (who actually wants to meet these 2) would never attack me for something like that, there is no way that I would respond any different to here than I would anyone else.

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