Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So I really like DeLorme Street Atlas for use with my GPS but I didnt see any information regarding an OSX version of the software so I emailed them asking them if they had any plans to support Macintosh computers. This was the response I got:

Dear Bob:

Thank you for your e-mail. At this time DeLorme does now support the new Intel-based Macintosh computers running Boot Camp for Windows XP. We do not support any other Macintosh operating system or Parallels.



This has to be one of the worst cop outs I've seen in a while. This was my response:

That is hardly "Macintosh compatible" and anyone who understands what Boot Camp is would also understand that you can run basically any Windows app that way.

My question was if you had any plans to build a *native* OSX application?


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