Thursday, December 28, 2006


Thats all to be said.....

first of all.... Hyundai Elantras are absolutely great cars and you should buy one.... but when you do, buy an extra set of headlights for both high and low beams and keep them in your car at all time. They WILL blow out both at the same time and they WILL leave you stranded. I suggest doing drills of changing headlights because, well, you never know when the emergency will hit you. And I also suggest that you not attempt to "make it home" on high beams when you are in this great commonwealth of Virginia.... the cops WILL find you.... and they WILL pull you over.... by God's grace I somehow didnt get a citation.... just got yelled at a good bit.

Oh, and dont even think about relying on Wal Mart for the headlights you need.... I had someone take to me to Wal Mart to get new bulbs and they didnt have any in stock.... OF ALL 4 FREAKING BRANDS THAT THEY CARRY!

Then..... add to it tiff drama that just somehow finds me.... I havent talked to the girl and have no desire to talk to the girl but yet the drama finds a way to get me.... I had a box of stuff that I kept that was my "memories" of Tiff..... last week I shipped the entire box to her because I have no interest anymore.... yet, no matter how hard I try to stay away from all that crap, it finds me.... and its getting irritating...... I just want that whole era of my life to be erased... I want to have no memory of her.... but that's all just wishful thinking.

tonight I decided to stay at the data center later and just nto work my 2 hour shift tomorrow morning..... I need a vacation.... a long one.... not just an extended holiday weekend.



Stephen McGuire said...

Always replace lights in pairs even if one isn't out. Sounds like that both went out at the same time so no help there.

Oh and you should'a burned the box. :)


Bob K Mertz said...

Its actually a very very very common thing on Hyundai Elantras.... in fact, it's one of the few "constant complaints" the company gets from what I understand. It happened to me in the Elantra I had from eicomm... it happened to a friend of my dad's who has an elantra, and now it happened to this one..... It's actually rare that just one light will burn out at a time... its almost always both....

Oh... and I do always replace both bulbs! :)