Thursday, December 14, 2006

Did anyone else ever just wonder who talks about you and backstabs you? Or even just wonder what people think about you?

To me, it honestly doesnt matter what people think of me, but it doesnt mean that I'm not curious. The only thought that bugs me is that I offend someone and that person doesnt tell me that I offended them so that I can make it right. I guess it all goes back to the honesty thing.... We destroy ourselves by not being honest -- and we destroy those around us.... and even the thought that someone may be lying because you can't trust them can be tough.

There really hasnt been too much on my mind recently. I've really been content recently and really happy with the way things are. I do still wonder exactly where God is taking me but I guess I'll find out when I get there. I am really loving my job at Fox Mill Pets.... sure, I've hit those frustrations that every job has but it's so much more rewarding than the tech field.

So as you can probably tell, I decorated my blog for Christmas. I really do love this season... I love Christmas tress and the like..... shocked my roomies when they came home and found 3 Christmas tress.... but hey, thats life, right? :) There honestly isn't too much that I want for Christmas.... well, I mean, I have my wish but there certainly aren't any girls around that have an interest in making that wish come true....

Well, I'm gonna spend at least a little bit of time here with Lisa and get myself to bed early.... I've not been getting as much sleep as I should recently..... plus I open Fox Mill tomorrow so I need to be up early.

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