Thursday, November 09, 2006

So today I started my new job.... It's just a part time deal for one or two days a week... I'm working at Fox Mill Pets doing general stuff but focusing, of course, on fish :) Today went really well and I was able to jump right in and start working on some tanks and getting some things taken care of. It was great not to have to have any training, tho I know some will be coming up when I start running the register and that type of thing. I'll also have to learn some stuff about what dog foods are best and stuff about other animals... I'm *REALLY* hoping not to ever have to deal with any of the mice since thats about the only thing in life that I am affraid of.

Anyway, my life is moving a mile a second and I'm just trying to hang on for the ride. There are alot of other things going on.... lots of stuff circulating and I have no idea what direction God is going to lead me in. I know that its not exactly logical to pick up a part time job when you are trying to cut back on how much you work -- but when has the right decission for me to make ever been logical? :) This seems like a good move to make at the moment.... we'll see what God does with it. I have to say that I feel alot better today having done something that was not my typical routine. I mean, no matter what I do it's all computer related.... So I guess that the thing that is really good about doing this is that it is time that is set aside every week that I don't focus on computer stuff and I focus on something that I enjoy: fish.

I'm sure more details will be posted here as they become available. Sometimes I wish things were planned out for me but I guess God has some pretty cool stuff in the works and if I knew what was going on, I'd just screw it all up.

Check out Fox Mill Pets (I work at the Franklin Farms store):

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