Friday, November 03, 2006

Ok, so first of all, Microsoft wonders why so many people pirate software. Well aside from the fact that their products are over priced crap it also has something to do with the fact that it is HARDER to not pirate software.

So I am working on a friend's computer that has a TOTALLY LEGAL copy of Windows XP Home.... and of course, it won't let me do a new activation since I reinstalled Windows. I jumped through all of the hoops and eventually had to call the activiation hotline. Now, I barely put faith in Microsoft running my computer let alone running a voice activated telephone system. After fighting with verbally talking to a computer, I finally get the information put into the system and it confirms that the activation ID is invalid. Great, now I get to talk to a rep. He grills me as if I am a fellon and then eventually says he is generating a new ID for the computer.

Here is the best part . . .

While he is generating the ID it takes a while and he eventually says "I am sorry for the delay but I'm going to need to place you on hold because my system just crashed"

. . . I guess thats what you get for running windows!

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