Monday, November 20, 2006

On my break at Fox Mill and I never realized how good it feels to relax..... Well, how it feels to be relaxed at all really.

I never realized how much computers were killing me. There is no doubt that God gave me a gift with what I know about computers but it totally consumed my life which was obviously a healthy thing.

But honestly, I think its more than just computers.... It has a lot to do with people. There were alot of companies that I worked for who really honestly enjoyed having me.... and Ive realized that the more I interacted with customers, the more the company I worked for enjoyed having me. I am able to talk to people..... I am still very shy in some scenarios but seeing a customer come into the fish area and saying hi to them.... thats nothing for me anymore. Being able to talk about something I have knowledge in other than computers is an amazing thing..... and honestly, seeing people go home with a new pet is awesome. And thats not just fish. I sold a puppy on Saturday and just seeing the kids' face light up was a really great thing to see.......

I am so happy with my life right now..... I pray that it stays this way. God is so amazing..... He knew where I needed to be and I eventually realized that I needed to take that leap of faith.... when I did - well, here we are :)

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