Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just 2 days ago I was going over some information on marine fish at work and going over some stuff about starfish and I remembered something I learned back in science class in middle school. Starfish will regenerate if they lose a part of their body, however, if you cut them in half, you literally have 2 starfish that will regenerate. What I remember is how fisherman had lots of problems with starfish so it was an unwritten rule that if you saw a starfish, you picked it up, broke it in half, and threw it back in the water.... what those fisherman didnt realize is that they were actually building a much stronger starfish community.

I think this is what is happening with the church today. Satan is attacking so many churches and it seems that he is succeding at what he is doing but he still hasnt realized that when he attacks one of God's family, he just creates a scenario that brings more people into the kingdom.... In so many cases, Christian's souls regenerate. It's horrible when things happen with a pastor sinning.... considering what happened in Colorado especially.... Does this really make the church look bad? I guess it depends on who you are. If you are someone that is heart and soul against the church, then I'm sure it does -- but its not like anything else doesnt look bad in their eyes either. I think what happens when all of these "scandals" happen is that it becomes a testimony that Christians are actually real human beings -- which seems to be a very common misconception among the non-believers -- and mostly because we feel the need to act like we really are "holier than thou".

Think about it.... what's going to happen to the next church that has a "pastorial scandal?" .... Call it a hunch, but I think revival.... Satan may be attacking people and it may look bad but it's really producing something much more amazing.

When all of us Christians realize that it's not a bad thing to be human, maybe we'll be given a little more respect from those who are not Christians.

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