Sunday, February 20, 2005

Well, I thought I had my mind made up on what church I'm going to go to first.... I was thinking all day that I was going to go to Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn.... I was ready for it.... but im sitting here now and Im getting this tug that says not to.... that I should go to New Life Christian Church in Dulles.... This has been a debate for me for about a week now.... Logically it seems like CFC is more of a direct church.... like they get straight to the point..... more like what I'm used to.... but I dont know.... New Life is more like a youth group.... now I loved youth group..... but logically you dont want to think that a church that acts like a youth group on Sunday Morning is what you need..... but then again maybe thats because religion always gets set in tradition.... I just have this urge to go to New Life tomorrow.... maybe I need something new.... It is too early to tell but I think I'm gonna go with this tug and go to New Life tomorrow.... I just feel that its what I need to do.

For those of you that are curious... check these churches out:

New Life Christian Church

Christian Fellowship Church

I have also been told about this one which I have been thinking about visiting:

Reston Bible Church

So give me your input... :) As for tomorrow, I think I'm going to New Life. We'll see how that goes!

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DoOfUs125 said...

Try them all, ask God to direct you where you should go.