Monday, February 07, 2005

Well I am over the fact that I am not going to VA with a sub... actually... dad and I are trading cars again for a while. Hopefully he can get some more things taken care of it.... I wont lie... I'm still stressed. Thankfully my grandmother has some Ativan so I took that half way through my shift tonight.... it did a lot for calming me down.

I am still really hurt and bugged tho. I never really was a fan of football but this year changed.... I was kinda getting into it.... part of it I think was because I would have like to been able to cuddle up with Tiff and watch a game because I knew she liked football and enjoys watching it... well, yea... people got me hooked this year.... and did I ever get to sit and cuddle with someone watching a game.... no.... people were coming in to the hut for pizzas for their parties... lots of guys and girls..... heard all about these superbowl parties.... did I have one to go to? nope.... did I want to... sure I did. When I realized that there was no chance in hell that anyone would wanna be with me for the superbowl, I told Steve that I would work for him so he could enjoy the game.... Im glad it at least helped someone out and glad that he enjoyed the game.... but where was my girl? Well, I know where she was..... lets just say she wasnt with me.... *sigh*

I'm in alot of emotional pain right now. I was kinda hoping to hear from Tiff when she got back to school tonight but Im sure she's already there and I'm not gonna hear from her..... I have a long drive ahead of me so I better get started... I'll be getting home around 4:30am now it looks.... I just hope I get my medicine in me and I wake up tomorrow feeling alot better and that maybe something might go my way.

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