Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Well Saturday night I finally added fish to my new aquarium. I decided to set up an African Cichlid tank. I added 4 cichlids, a chineese catfish, and a blue lobster. Yesterday I added another Cichlid and then tonight I was watching them and did a head count and realize that one was missing. I then found something floating between the one uplift tube and the one power filter.... well... you can guess the rest. The sad part is I think he had been actually dead for a while.... I dont remember seeing him. My guess is at some point he died from stress due to changes. That is very typical with fish. It's still just sad. So in my new tank in the dining room I have 4 African Cichlids (one yellow with black stripes, one blue with black stripes, one orange, and one yellow with black striped fins), 1 Chineese Catfish, and 1 Blue Lobster.... if you ever set up a tank with agressive fish, you have to get a Blue Lobster... they are just awesome! In my community tank in my room I still have 2 Red Sword Tails, 2 Neon Tetra, 1 Glass Tetra, 1 Catfish, and 2 Guppies. I'm really loving this aquarium stuff! The fun part is my mom was so hesitant about letting me put the aquarium in the dining room.... it was her friend that gave it to me.... eventually I talked her in to it.... now she loves them. She told me how she was the one that fed them tonight and she just sat there and watched them for a while. She's really liking it.... that makes me happy! Well, since its almost midnight and I gotta be up at 5am and leave for VA at 6am, I better get to bed. Good night everyone!

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