Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ok.. The moment you've been waiting for..... I'm not doing well. I tried so hard to sleep in but tanya called. Honestly, after that call I just want to die and be done with it. Tanya hates me... Tiff doesn't have time for me.... I'm alone again. Did I do something wrong? If so... What? I really took the steps I felt were needed. If it wasn't for eli, I would have stayed with tanya to try to work things out. I couldn't risk it tho. I care way too much about that little boy. I hope tanya cares... I hope all the things she is saying is just a reaction and not really the root.... If it is the root then I guess I learned something. I'm scared. I'm really scared.... I'm depressed.... And I just wish it was over. Maybe since I didn't get to sleep like I planned ill... Well I won't say it..... But a 4 hour drive at 2am is long. I'm at the somerset rest area now and my food should be here soon. Then its more driving. *sigh*

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