Friday, February 27, 2004

Passion Opens Amid Controversy - InfoBeat Entertainment News

I was glad that I was able to see this amazing film on Wednesday night. Tiffany and I went to see it. The film was absolutely amazing! It really made you think. In at least 2 areas of the film I caught myself with tears running down my face. It was incredibly moving and I pray that it does show many what our Lord and Saviour went through for us. The suffering that Jesus' went through was for us. It was our sins that put Him on that cross. And he did it willingly.

There is still much controversy about the film. Many lash against it's violence. Yes, it is a very violent film ... but that is exactly what the crucifixion was. In fact, I believe that the actual event probably was still even more violent than the movie was. I pray for and thank Mel Gibson!

Also on wednesday night.... I was lucky enough not to recieve a traffic citation.... nah, I received 2! It was a bad trip back from Williamsport to Lock Haven to drop Tiffany off. My first citation happened in Williamsport close to Jersey Shore. The citation reads that I was doing 73 in a 55. After research, I find that a conviction of this speed is equal to 3 points on my record. The second citation was for "not stopping at flashing red lights" which resulted in cutting of a police cruiser (another 3 points). Ok, so cops arent happy when you cut them off. I actually sent the paper work today to both magistrates pleading not guilty. I had a huge debate in my mind about doing this, but it seems like the best route for me to take. I dont want to lie... I'm not about that. I was speeding.... and yes, I did cut off a cop. But I think there a circumstances in each instance that should be heard in court so this is the route I am going to take. I'm not going in to say I wasnt speeding. I'm not going in to say that I did not cut off the officer.... I just think there are things that need to be heard before I am convicted. If they hear my case and still find me guilty, so be it.

Well today leads me to VA. Jason and I have a lot of work to do down there. I'll be back sometime tomorrow. I'm gonna go get ready.

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