Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Did you ever feel like you just really screwed everything up? Now, its not what you think. Things are good between Tiff and I... we are still together and we still love each other very much. But its now 9:30am.... I'm practically stranded here at Lock Haven. The roads are bad here and dad says the roads are bad at home... if thats the case then the mountains between us are probably even worse. Tiff and I were up late working on her computer... after her room mate went to bed. Apparently we were keeping her up but we didnt realize this. I guess we really pissed her off... so we shut the computer off and then realized the conditions of the roads and I ended up staying the night here. I have a feeling that pissed her off to.... I just feel like I really screwed everything up bad..... maybe it really wasnt my fault but I feel really bad..... just want to go in the corner and cry :( .... oh well, I guess life goes on. I dont know when I'm going to get home..... I dont want to leave tiff.... but I want to leave this situation. I never dreamed this would be how I felt after last night. Things went really well between Tiff and I. I just still had to find a way to screw something else up.

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