Saturday, February 21, 2004

It's been a while since I blogged so I will try to update everyone the best that I can. Things have just been so hectic recently that I havent felt like writing anything.
Things are really confusing with everything in my life. A week or so ago I got my hours cut at Pizza Hut because our sales have been so low. I was not happy about this. It's not fair when you put years of service and effort into somewhere and then you get screwed and even the newest guys dont lose anything. I was really upset. Pizza Hut treats their shift managers like crap and I hate it. The good news is that our sales boosted in the last week. EXTREMELY high sales! This is good and may mean that Im going to get some hours back. There still are issues at Pizza Hut. The ironic thing is what Tiff has been dealing with me with recently. I really have been feeling completely worthless. Like I'm not worth anything to anybody, including her. She really started convincing me that I wasnt worthless and then a few incidents happen at Pizza Hut. Apparently employees have been telling Steve that I am inefficent and I stand around and not work alot. Maybe this may be an issue... I'm not sure. But no one felt like coming to me. I dont know if I have ever heard "Bob, your a good manager" ... I've heard it about other managers.... but not about me. And then, today, I get called in to work. It's Saturday... my only day I ever get off..... finally, after a week from hell I was getting ready to relax a day and just kinda blow of steam... was probably gonna go hit the slopes since the conditions are supposed to be really good today... but what am I doing? I'm going to be working at Pizza Hut.... why? because im too nice to say no and leave someone hanging.... but am I going to be appriciated? Probably not. Actually, I'll probably screw something up and just get told again how horrible I really am. I mean, I am gonna be waiting tables tonight so im sure i'll screw something up....
Computer Connections I guess is going ok. I tried to get full time there but that got denied... for now anyway. Thursday I got chewed out a couple times for something that wasnt even my fault.... I tried my best to just stay calm but I ended up getting really stressed out... so bad that for a while I totally lost vision in my one eye.
Dont get me wrong about everything. I am doing ok.... things between Tiff and I are getting better and I'm holding on to that. Yes, we still have a rocky relationship but we both love each other. I'm not really depressed per say... I'm making it and everything.... I just dont feel like I'm worth too much. Andit really makes me mad because Tiff almost had me convinced and then Pizza Hut has to go and ruin that. I wish I was appriciated.... anywhere and by anyone.
I guess I better get ready to go to work :(

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