Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So whats going on? This is the short story but basically I will be working full time for Fox Mill Pets and working full time for Pinogy (the owner's other company that does software development for independant pet retailers).... And no, this does not mean 80 hours a week because Ill be "on the clock" for both companies at the same time. Essentially, its a work around.... My total salary will be more than what I am making right now which is something that just shocks me..... This is incredible for me because it lets me work with a passion of mine (aquariums), lets me stay involved with tech, and pays my bills. I really could not be happier right now!

There are, of course, some concerns (unrelated) such as my taxes that are due in April (thousands.... sigh) and the search for a new place to live..... but on the place to live part, there are some really cool things going on there too!

Sooooo...... Im happy with 2007 so far :)

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