Sunday, February 04, 2007

I have really been missing a really big point. For over 10 years I have been trying to find "my place".... where God wants me and where I can be effective for God. Its been me knowing that God wants me for ministry and me trying to figure out where in ministry that is.... Ransom Network, New Life, Teen Quest.... I embrace or embraced all of these things as tho they were "my place" but now Im learning that the reality of the situation is that it really is God's place.... see, Ive been trying to say that I was cut out as the main course.... prime rib.... or whatever. The thing is, while I have been wanting to serve God, I've been missing the point.... In Matthew we are told that we are the salt of the earth.... I never have collected all of these thoughts and combined. See, it's not about my place.... its about taking the place where I am at and making it taste better. Thats what salt is all about... it makes things taste better.... and thats what I am supposed to be doing.... I need to take each day and make it taste better to the lives of others.

Constantly, things in my life rapidly change... and people say I need to be more stable.... but the only way that I can be more stable in the world's eyes is to ignore what God has for me next.... it would mean ignoring that each day is a day tha God gave me.... it would mean using that day for what the world thinks is "my place" and, thus, ignore that Im only supposed to make it taste better for others.

Why are these things in my life changing again? Quite simply, there is a new place that needs flavor.... there is a new place that God needs me to help.... and Ill be the flavor of that place until God moves me to another one, if He so desires.

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