Thursday, February 15, 2007

It doesn't matter how tired you are - when there is a lot going through your mind, its really tough to fall asleep.

It's really bugging me that everything I do or say to try to help someone seems to just piss people off. I say things a lot for the sole purpose of trying to get someone to think and try to help someone but no matter what, it seems to backfire.... no one else in this world seems to think like me and I hate it because who do I have to help or help me? And to top things off, after only a few times of me upsetting someone because I care, I end up being expected to fail.

I wish that I could help people more... but most of all, I wish people would take the time to look at my heart before jumping to conclusions and leaving me in tears. Maybe I will always screw up.... But does that mean that everytime something goes wrong, Im the one and only person who screwed up.

One thing tho.... it seems God has been really teaching me why bad things happen to good people.... and I suppose the only way to really learn is to have bad things happen... assuming that I really am a good person.....

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