Monday, March 31, 2008

Presidents are people too

Its no secret that I hate Bush as a president but what happened yesterday really broke my heart. If you don't know by now, President Bush threw out the first pitch at the Nats game and litterally was booed as he came out onto the field.

In our daily lives we are all told that we need to separate our work lives and our personal lives so why is that different for the president? I don't think it should be.

I respect George W Bush as a person and, in fact, I think he is probably a really great person and someone that I could get along with easily. I believe that booing him at the game was really low. On the other hand, I can not even remotely respect him as a president and if this was an event taking place in the white house or a press conference I would be right there with everyone booing him. He has made numerous bad decissions and I feel that he has directly made my life and others' (especially my age) much harder to live.

So shame on you DC/VA/MD. I can't disagree with your motivation but I really wish you would realize that people, as humans, should be respected whether its a horrible president, someone who actually wants to drive the speed limit, or someone who just doesn't see something your way.
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Jeanne Breault said...

I agree with you about bad excuse! I'm an old Senators fan...still can't get used to Washington Nationals...WE didn't act like that!

I saw a very human, relaxed Bush being interviewed by Ann Curry in Africa (Zimbabwe, I think) yesterday on the Today Show...I think he's a good person, and not as bad a president as his opponents would have been. :-)