Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm moving again

Most of you know that I've been doing various things in Ashburn over the last few years and I have worked with many companies, however, there is one company that I have not been able to reveal until today.

Google used to have a major presence in Equinix Ashburn and a couple years ago I actually ran into someone working there. We ended up going out for dinner and he told me about a project that they had been working on in association with Virgin Galactic. Many people have been trying to make the space exploration private and Google decided they wanted to jump in on this. They have been putting plans together to build a colony on mars. This is something that I have been working on with them for a while. Many of you have questioned how I was able to afford a house but the truth is that this was part of my training for this project. It was important that Google have everyone on the mission have experience in typical functions of a dwelling. It's also why I have been taking on projects such as plumbin and electrical work that I hadn't ever dreamed of doing.

The target is to have a colony started by the year 2014. I am still in consideration for this colony and the chances are looking good that I will be moving on up, so to speak. This appears to be an incredible opportunity and it has been a very exciting experience just working with Google and Virgin Galactic.

Look for Google to make a press release today about this project. I have seen a preview of the web page for this project and it looks very informative. There is also a video from Google's Co-Founders that will be posted on YouTube sometime today.


Andi said...

April Fools joke?

Bob K Mertz said...

Huh? April Fools?

Press Release: Virgle