Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December Woes

I'm still alive. December really hasn't been that great of a month for me. It also seems that the tradition of my life totally changing every couple of years is about to hold true again.

Issue 1:
This county's health system sucks. The commercialization of health care is pathetic. Corporate America is about stepping on others to make money. When you apply this mentality to an industry about taking care of sick and dying people you can't expect it to work.

Issue 2:
I am outraged about the developement going on around my house. The building of stuff in Front Royal is sickening but they've gone a step further: they've already cleared 2 lots on each side of my house and today the building began in the lot closest to me. I haven't even lived in Linden for half a year and the place has changed so drastically already. This whole situation infuriates me beyond belief. I moved away from NoVA because I couldn't deal with this type of stuff and now they are invading me. The worst part about this is the fact that there are already a lot of houses on the market but of course the NoVA mentality makes you pathetic if you wear used clothes, buy a used car, or even live in a new house.

Issue 3:
What is the deal with this mentality from girls that no guy is capable of love. I am reading email after email, Blog after Blog, and having conversation after conversation that collectively puts guys down as a whole. I know many guys are assholes but if you believe that you can never trust a guy then you destroy the guys left that do actually care and rather than make the world a better place, you make it a hell of a lot worse - including your own world. There still are some guys that care who's hearts are continually broken because they are stereotyped as being "just another guy" and girls lose those guys because they can't trust and they can't make sacrifices for them. Even worse, those girls end up ultimately destroying those guys so that no one else can have him. This game between genders needs to stop or our world of hurt us going to start hurting more and more!

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