Saturday, November 03, 2007

A lot of times you hear people compare caring for someone to an investment... Personally, I think this is a horrible thing to say -- and its the attitude that I really need to adjust right now. When have you heard an investor put thousands of dollars into a company solely because he liked what the company does, even tho there was no chance of return? So are all these people telling us we shouldn't love someone that can't love is back?

The last couple of weeks have been really tough on me. Its really hard to put so much into someone or something and only watch things get worse. You try your best to cheer people up only to be reminded that your no one who could even think about making any kind of impact... Then you watch as the stupid little thing you worked at making just right turns in to just something else to hate. You walk through this life trying to give of yourself till you have nothing left only to be told your not caring enough or you did it all wrong.... You want so badly to believe you are worth something but you really can't find any evidence of that....

.... But why are you doing it? Well, if your doing it because your waiting for a return on your investmeny I suppose you screwed up pretty bad. If you are doing it because you care about someone and truly believe they are worth more than you are then your only making progress.

The few people that actually talk to me anymore know its not a secret that ive been totally drained emotionally. I do feel like ice lost my Joy. Its a hard thing dealing with people that everyone else used and thought nothing about them... But its something that sometimes your mind just has to yield to your heart regarding and your physical body just has to prepare for the stress that's going to have to be endured.

Sometimes people are just worth it.

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