Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Yea, we can be friends but its on my terms -- only when it fits my life"

No one has ever actually said that to me in words but it seems like more than half the people I meet say it to me in actions. It goes against what the term "friend" even means. You can't be a friend to someone without letting them know whats going on with you and without genuinely being concerned about whats going on with them. You can't ask a question of how someone is doing and then ignore the fact that you asked it when you find out things aren't going well with them. Additionally, if you really truly are a friend, you'll do what's needed to talk to them -- even if it's not your normal means of communication.

Someone once gave me a sign that explained what a forever friend was..... just like that was a single piece of paper, being called a friend is nothing more than words unless it's backed by actions.

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