Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tonight was horrible.... I was working at our Elden street store and I had a cockatiel out that was supposed to have had her wings clipped by the lady who sold her to us.... well, I didnt really get good feelings about that lady but that's beside the point.... I was giving this cockatiel some attention and next thing you know she is flying around the store like crazy. Once we got her, I figured her wings needed clipped.... when I looked at her wings it was obvious that they had already been clipped but not done properly.... I clipped her one wing with no issues at all.... then moved the other one.... she freaked out and my heart sunk.... her other wing was blood feathers..... I just wanted to cry.... For about the next half hour I had to hold her still while holding a paper towel on her wing.... it was one of the most horrible things I've had to do in a while.... After that I watched her for a little bit and eventually she decided to flutter her wings.... all of a sudden blood went everywhere.... finally I called Jay (my manager at the other store -- a very knowledgeable bird person) and he came over to take a look.... she's doing just fine and it really isnt something incredibly drastic and it is something that you can sometimes get confused with --- but I still feel horrible.... She really is an incredibly sweet bird tho.... even after all the trauma she still wanted me to pet her and give her attention.

.... now if I could only find a human that would want the same

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